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The Bodhiwork Institute


The Bodhiwork Institute was established in 1997 to educate about body arts, meditation, and mindful living.
It is the international home and training center for Insight Bodywork™, founded by Kondañña (Barry Kapke).


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It's not easy for me to ask for help but I have to accept that I do need to. I have advanced colon cancer and have run out of resources. I cannot financially afford to live in America anymore and so I am pursuing alternative therapies in Thailand. My community of support here is pretty limited so any help is appreciated. I have been touched by the generosity of friends, my students, and even complete strangers. Thank you for your assistance, your love, your kindness, your warm thoughts.

Although I am relocated to Thailand, I am still available for private or small group instruction, should you find yourself in beautiful Chiang Mai. One of my priorities is to ensure that Insight Bodywork continues after I am gone. Training practitioners and teachers, and completing an instructional book and video, are important to me.



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